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Switchfoot 2 !

Available only at Revolver .. be quick it'll go before you know it ! ... Radness indeed !

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Where the mild things are !

Stoked to know this man ... & even more stoked to have him illustrate the book for us ....

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Baking for the champs !

The sound of clashing ply will ring out thru Chapel Porth this Sunday as contestants , many dressed in period clobber will battle it out in The World Bellyboard Champs ...little known but equally contested is the cake comp .... bring it on !

Friday, 7 August 2009

Pointbreaks & Shorebreaks

Bored with bumpy cross country longboarding this weds .. tiaan & i decided to ram ourselves into the sand at an ever so posh local beach !
Happy Holidays !

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Time to sell the odd camera ..... maybe ! ..

Thought id just share a moment of my obsession with strange mostly film cameras .... i may well have too many ! All used at some point to capture sliding about on bits of wood !

Aussie Ply Champs .......

Saturday November 7th Anglesea Main Beach, Victoria, Australia

Our first Event is a day of Bellyboarding, Ye Olde English Style. All are welcome, entry is free. Prizes will be awarded for Best outfits and funkiest Board graphics. Boards Must be under 5ft, wooden and preferably handmade. There will be plenty of loaner boards for anyone who wants to come along and join in.

The after-party will be at the Red Till Bar/Cafe directly across the road from the beach. There will be delicious and reasonably priced food and drinks, as well as the Reggae and Dub Stylings of DJ's Alpine Son and Beloki! A fun time will be had by all!!!

For any info or to register, email Billy-joe at

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Inspiration ....

Truly great stuff compiled by an analog master ... loving it ..

Monday, 6 July 2009

Life is sweet

What better way to wind down after a day with 3 small terrorists than to represent on ply in the midst of an ugly flotilla of summer kooks .. bumpy onshore closeouts & the look on their faces as you fly by propelled by your vintage Italian dive fins is what makes riding prone on old bits of ply so special .. they dont get it & the open mouthed stares are worth their weight in gold ...
Happy Days ....

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Tom Wegener Alaia day workshops

Tom Wegener has been incredibly busy due to the huge global demand for his amazing shaping talent and Alaia craft. He has subsequently had to re-schedule his visit to the UK, but the details are now confirmed.

We are thrilled to provide you with the confirmed dates, times and ticket details of Tom’s exclusive, Alaia day workshops.

Photo: Finley Wegener thrilled with his very own Alaia created by his Dad, Tom.

Tom Wegener has confirmed that he will be running three Alaia day workshops at: Revolver Surfing Emporium
76 Fore St, Newquay, TR7 1EY
Tel:01637 875730

The dates for individual workshops will be Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd and Friday 28th of August, starting at 10am on each day.

Tickets cost £325 per person and include:

*A partially shaped (by Tom Wegener) Alaia blank (Standard Alaia Blank cost is £150, but this is included in your ticket price)
*Access to all tools and guidance (from Tom Wegener and his apprentice Matt) required to complete your Alaia craft on the day.
* Lunch with Tom and Matt (Tom will make one of his legendary chilli dishes if time allows)
* An Alaia story/guide DVD
* A private screening of Tom’s favourite Alaia film/video clips accompanied by Q&A with Tom in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
* The opportunity to surf with Tom and Matt should conditions allow.

The workshops will be limited to a maximum of just 8 persons per workshop.
This is therefore, a very unique opportunity, to enjoy an intimate and memorable experience with a very talented & charismatic surfer, who is recognised as one of the worlds most innovative and creative shapers.

Demand for tickets will be high, so please act swiftly to ensure your place at Tom’s Alaia day workshops. You will be required to pay a £100 deposit* to secure your place/ticket and the balance in full before the end of July 2009.

*This deposit is non-refundable more details on request. Note: Whilst Tom Wegener and Revolver Surf Emporium have every intention of sticking to the details as laid out above, details may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and as such we reserve the right to change these details as required. Tom Wegener and Revolver Surfing Emporium will however endeavour to keep all our customers informed at all times.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Gooseberry Cake

Gooseberry Cake


Gooseberry cake.

Gooseberries have been grown in Britain since the reign of Henry VIII but reached their peak of popularity in the 19th century. During this time England was mad for gooseberries along with all the pies, puddings and wines that could be made from this amazing, hairy fruit.

Gooseberries prefer a cool, northern climate and thanks to the passion of English gardeners have thrived in places like Lancashire, Cheshire and Scotland. The fruit was so popular in the early 1800’s that many societies were formed to celebrate the diversity of colour, flavour and size. They held shows and competitions to show off the biggest and most flavoursome berries.

Lancashire was renowned for its’ large varieties, the most notable being a red variety called ‘Top Sawyer’. In 1819, one of these enormous berries weighed in at 26dwts 17grs – the size of a hens’ egg! Some competitions are still held today using the same weighing method of pennyweights and grain.

These days, gooseberries (or goosegogs as my Dad calls them) are not so fashionable but are a big part of our English summer and shouldn’t be overlooked. They are just coming into season now and the first small, green fruits are best for cooking. Later in the summer the larger red, yellow or golden varieties will be sweet enough to be eaten raw.

Gooseberry cake

125g butter
200g unrefined caster sugar
3 good eggs
75g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
About 350g gooseberries topped and tailed
30g flaked almonds

Wait for the butter to come to room temperature and then beat together with about 180g of the caster sugar (you need to keep some aside for later). When the mixture is pale and fluffy, start to mix in the eggs one at a time and if it begins to curdle add a spoonful of the flour. Add the rest of the flour and then the baking powder and ground almonds. Don’t over mix.
Spoon into a buttered, round 20cm cake tin and level off with a knife. You will need a cake tin with a loose bottom or a springform one so that you don’t lose all your flaked almonds when you turn it out.
Next, toss the gooseberries in the sugar that you kept aside and spread them on top of the cake. They will sink during cooking. Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes then take out of the oven and sprinkle on the ground almonds. Bake for a further 15 mins or until firm to the touch. If the top of the cake is getting too brown, cover with foil during the last 10 mins cooking time.
To be eaten in the afternoon with a nice cup of tea, or for pudding with cream, mixed with elderflower cordial.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mysto Kneelo gets Wood ..

Chief grom mysto kneelo Bro has been keen to avoid heat build up in his polishing apron & can be found buffing in the buff up at the Pig farm ! Beware when he wants to show you his wood x

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Tom Wegener (on the right, brother Jon on left) will be over here in July to share with us the secrets of the amazing Alaia craft that he has been developing over the last few years with the worlds very best surfers (Rasta, Dan Malloy, Mike Stewart even Tom Curren have been riding them) providing critical feedback. 

Tom is THE leader and innovator if you want the real deal on Alaia surfing, if you have seen The Present, you'll know how central his role is.

During his stay in the UK, Tom is going to be hosting 4-5 Alaia days, limited to a maximum of 8 folk per day. You'll spend the day with Mr Wegener and his family, kick back, eat and drink, learn all about Alaia surfing/shaping, watch some great short films and walk away with your own finished and signed Alaia.

Plus: If the conditions are good Tom might even take you for a slide.

Tickets will be £325 per person. It's a pretty amazing opportunity and great value, given that a finished Wegener Alaia normally costs this alone. 

For more information on these days, please contact Mark or John at Revolver: Tel:01637 875730 /

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Hello all you ply pushers, time to celebrate, summer is coming, why not put on a spread and invite your friends over to share your tales of ply.

Here is the update on the rules and regs, for all those folk who have been asking:

WBBC competition boards should be less than 5ft in length, no wider than 2ft and no more than ¾” in thickness. They should be made of wood.

Bathing Costumes only, no wetsuits allowed. Wetsuit/neoprene boots acceptable (if weever fish are present). Colour coded swim caps must be worn during Championship Heats to aid identification by the judges.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Real WEGENER Alaias are here ..

The Real Wegener Alaia blanks are now in stock , these are the real deal .. we have 35 .. 25 have sold so 10 left .. 7'11 & with a DVD from Tom ... £150 .. be very quick or get left with a copy x

Monday, 11 May 2009

A gentler time !

Avoiding all this swell & concentrating on the book has been hard ...
the waves won !
the book can wait !

Friday, 8 May 2009

Foreign Creations

In the UK we are known for are inclusive nature and celebration of all cultures. As such, our good friend Eef has been creating and we thought it appropriate to share a draft copy of his work with you.

Imaginative work, I think you'll agree.

If you have something you might like to share with our ply posse, please get in touch.

Stay Stoked!

Friday, 17 April 2009


Hello all.

We hope that you are enjoying the fresh spring swells. It's a bit chilly still but if you need inspiring, please come along to one of the screenings of Thomas Campbell's new film The Present. Its a beautiful and thrilling piece that will have you in the sea in no time!

The tour of the film has been generously sponsored by our friends at University Colleg Falmouth, Finisterre, Revolver and of course the ever popular Original Surfboard Company.

The film will be screening in St Ives on the 22nd of April, Newquay on 1st may and Falmouth on May 2nd.
More details can be found at:

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Work Work Work ...

It seems its all work at the mo .. but been a few summery days & waves so not all bad ! Trying to write & keep any new Belly material for the book now .. The best shop in the world reopens this week ... heres a few random to keep you going ..
see you out back x

Friday, 27 March 2009

Poor Fit

Seems like flattery ... REAL Wegener Alaia blanks arrive in early May .. about 6 or so left ....
Jump on the Bandwagon or buy a copy & wish you hadn't !

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Lovely Lydia

Lydia Simeoli has braced the cold to share with us the beauty of her cheeky smile and Woodward Skimmer. The board was originally purchased (along with a twin) in 1956 at Woolacombe from a little shed, by Lydia's parents and has seen the majority of it's use at Gwithian and Kennack Sands, Cornwall. The twin board is now owned by Lydia's sister who lives in Newcastle, maybe we will be able to source an equally cheeky peek from up country?
Thank's for sharing Lydia and thanks to Abi, her daughter, for taking this lovely shot.

rumour has it .....

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Beach Beauty

Is this the contented expression of a satisfied surfrider, or possibly someone who has just wee'd in their wetsuit on a frosty day?
You decide!

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Sunset on an Wegener Alaia

No longer content to stay prone Dave Rastovich pilots a very thin flat piece of wood thru a sunset beach section with a style only a few of us can ever hope to achieve !
The Pauwlonia blanks /kits are on their way , £150 as a kit , typically 7'11" ( enough for 1 Alaia or 2 Bellyboards) with templates & instructions . We have 35 coming but half are sold already .. get your name down sharpish ...
Mahalo x
Still from T Moes upcoming epic ' The Present' .. watch this space for news of its release or go to

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Board games

Looks like Spring is finally here , still not quite warm enough for a prone slide but certainly feels as if were out of the deep winter doldrums & heading for warmer days & shorebreak mayhem !
Just to keep you guys busy in the winter months we have a South african jigsaw here for you to remind you of the Summer !
Ps Wegener Alaias on the way .. going quick so let us know if you want to go on the list for one !
Aloha x

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New Promotional Vehicle

Getting ready for the promotional tour of 'Prone to Belly' & Tom Wegeners boards Christiaan & I have been arguing who is to pull our new promo vehicle .. Christiaan lost the arm wrestle & his more cyclist like legs will be seen at a beach near you in 2009 x

Monday, 2 February 2009

January Hibernation ??

Despite the snow outside Christiaan & I have been busy drinking tea & sampling rather delicious oatmeal biscuits at Sally P's all in the cause of this ply sliding lark ! Although cold we have had a few great swells this Jan & have managed the odd summer like slide albeit on those imposter stand up surfboards ... at which point i feel i have to moan a little .. At Christmas i hand addressed some 80 envelopes to the registrants at this years World Bellyboard Champs , hoping to invite some to add their own stories, pics etc to the forthcoming book , I waited expecting a deluge of mail & guess what ?
1 Reply !! ?
From the lovely Gwyneth with early 50's footage of ply sliding in Newquay ...
I know its cold outside & for some of you Bellyboarding is far from your thoughts but maybe its time to stop listening to all the doom & gloom go rummage & send us some stories , pics , old boards etc , we want to include all of you but cant do it without your support/input ...
Come on you lot summers coming ......