Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sunset on an Wegener Alaia

No longer content to stay prone Dave Rastovich pilots a very thin flat piece of wood thru a sunset beach section with a style only a few of us can ever hope to achieve !
The Pauwlonia blanks /kits are on their way , £150 as a kit , typically 7'11" ( enough for 1 Alaia or 2 Bellyboards) with templates & instructions . We have 35 coming but half are sold already .. get your name down sharpish ...
Mahalo x
Still from T Moes upcoming epic ' The Present' .. watch this space for news of its release or go to

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Board games

Looks like Spring is finally here , still not quite warm enough for a prone slide but certainly feels as if were out of the deep winter doldrums & heading for warmer days & shorebreak mayhem !
Just to keep you guys busy in the winter months we have a South african jigsaw here for you to remind you of the Summer !
Ps Wegener Alaias on the way .. going quick so let us know if you want to go on the list for one !
Aloha x

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New Promotional Vehicle

Getting ready for the promotional tour of 'Prone to Belly' & Tom Wegeners boards Christiaan & I have been arguing who is to pull our new promo vehicle .. Christiaan lost the arm wrestle & his more cyclist like legs will be seen at a beach near you in 2009 x

Monday, 2 February 2009

January Hibernation ??

Despite the snow outside Christiaan & I have been busy drinking tea & sampling rather delicious oatmeal biscuits at Sally P's all in the cause of this ply sliding lark ! Although cold we have had a few great swells this Jan & have managed the odd summer like slide albeit on those imposter stand up surfboards ... at which point i feel i have to moan a little .. At Christmas i hand addressed some 80 envelopes to the registrants at this years World Bellyboard Champs , hoping to invite some to add their own stories, pics etc to the forthcoming book , I waited expecting a deluge of mail & guess what ?
1 Reply !! ?
From the lovely Gwyneth with early 50's footage of ply sliding in Newquay ...
I know its cold outside & for some of you Bellyboarding is far from your thoughts but maybe its time to stop listening to all the doom & gloom go rummage & send us some stories , pics , old boards etc , we want to include all of you but cant do it without your support/input ...
Come on you lot summers coming ......