Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mysto Kneelo gets Wood ..

Chief grom mysto kneelo Bro has been keen to avoid heat build up in his polishing apron & can be found buffing in the buff up at the Pig farm ! Beware when he wants to show you his wood x

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Tom Wegener (on the right, brother Jon on left) will be over here in July to share with us the secrets of the amazing Alaia craft that he has been developing over the last few years with the worlds very best surfers (Rasta, Dan Malloy, Mike Stewart even Tom Curren have been riding them) providing critical feedback. 

Tom is THE leader and innovator if you want the real deal on Alaia surfing, if you have seen The Present, you'll know how central his role is.

During his stay in the UK, Tom is going to be hosting 4-5 Alaia days, limited to a maximum of 8 folk per day. You'll spend the day with Mr Wegener and his family, kick back, eat and drink, learn all about Alaia surfing/shaping, watch some great short films and walk away with your own finished and signed Alaia.

Plus: If the conditions are good Tom might even take you for a slide.

Tickets will be £325 per person. It's a pretty amazing opportunity and great value, given that a finished Wegener Alaia normally costs this alone. 

For more information on these days, please contact Mark or John at Revolver: Tel:01637 875730 /