Sunday, 8 March 2009

Beach Beauty

Is this the contented expression of a satisfied surfrider, or possibly someone who has just wee'd in their wetsuit on a frosty day?
You decide!


bellyboarduk said...

This man is obviously smug in the knowledge that he was once one of Londons finest cycle messengers !

Christiaan B. said...

I wonder what other talents he may be covering underneath his mona lisa style expression?

Eef said...

haha maybe both?

i tested one of my new ply-sliders yesterday and it was goooooooooood!! Sun out, nice waves etc.

(very)short clip here (expression is the same haha)



Christiaan B. said...

Hi Eef.

I checked out the video, pretty crazy out there stuff. The stoke was evident, good work.