Monday, 24 November 2008

Calling all invisibles!!!

Hello all you ply peepers out there!

John and I are so happy to be engaging with so many lovely passionate prone peeps, but we would love to encourage more interaction on the blog from the visitors to prone to belly.
We are striving to create something which documents and celebrates the multiple perspectives that you all have on prone surf riding and we can't do this without you.

So this is a call to action!
Whilst the cold winter winds are keeping us confined to our cosy, comfy chairs, please take the time to share with us and educate us all, on your own prone surfing experience/perspective.
We know you might be shy, but once you have made one comment, I assure you that it will become strangely addictive and mass collaboration will enable the formation of a balanced view of this stoke fuelled ply & paulonia party!
We have many invisible watchers, whom we would like to become active contributors. Traditional surf-riding is all be about inclusivity and we are certainly keen to nurture a community approach.
It's much more fun if we do things together.... so step up and share the stoke!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Life of Ply

Here is The Life of Ply awarded 'Most Inspirational film' by Mark Kermode at the Board Shorts event, Cornwall Film Festival 2008. The film features the talents of the wonderful Dorothy and Peter Long, as well as some beautiful music from 'The Loose Salute'
I hope it fires your soul, stay stoked, Christiaan.

Monday, 10 November 2008

A Life of Ply inspires all.

News Splash:
'The Life of Ply', a film by Christiaan Bailey, featuring the talents of Dorothy (aka: Dot) and Peter Long, was voted the 'Most Inspirational Film' of the Board Shorts screening event as part of the Cornwall Film Festival.
The prize, sponsored by Leap ( and awarded by a panel of highly respected judges, was accepted by Dorothy Long from Mark Kermode (BBC, Respected Film Critic), on behalf of Ocean Motion Pictures and Christiaan Bailey, to a tremendous clamour of cheers, clapping, wolf whistles (Dot's still got the magic!), and hoots from the very appreciative crowd.
The award winning film will be available to view on this blog very soon!
Stay stoked everyone!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Obama Bodysurfs !

At last a new school dude in the White House , & dig this , he surfs ! Now all we need to do is to add a bit of ply to the equation & world domination will be ours !

Monday, 3 November 2008

Timber teasers at Board Shorts film event

To all of you moving image enthusiasts. There is an exciting surf movie screening event, taking place at the Sandsifter (a cocktail lounge bar, which is rather popular with beach going folk), near Gwithian in Hayle, this Saturday the 8th of November.
Rumour has it that there will be some hard-core ply action (a short film and a slide show) featuring amongst the eclectic blend of entertainment on offer; which also includes music from the Dodge Brothers (skiffle band) and some lovely Disc jockey types (Sir Vinyl of the Fattest).
There is limited seating for those of you who might have weary legs, but if you get there early, you stand a good chance of sitting comfortably throughout.
Doors Open at 7pm, Tickets can be purchased on the night, or in advance direct from the Sandsifter ( or The Princess Pavilion Box Office (01326) 211222 (
I hope to see you there, no doubt you will see me, as I am hosting the evening, I hope to make it a most enjoyable affair.