Friday, 9 January 2009

Pirates of Polzeath ?


Eef said...

must be kin to the Paipo Pirates :D


luna1 said...

Congratulations lads! You're mentioned with a link in the latest Switchfoot/Hodaddy newsletter.

Lisa Jones Studio said...

Hi John, I have no comments about the 'Pirates of Polzeath'...Just saying hi really...It's Miss Jones and Master Underwood here!! We found you...hope you don't mind!

Eef said...

does anyone allready know what date the 2009 Belly Champs will be?


bellyboarduk said...

The official line is that the contest will be held on Sunday, 6th September 2009.

There will be a strict cake code and John and I will be on hand to ensure that the offerings are up to scratch.

I'm not sure about this PIRATES OF POLZEATH idea, it's hard to comprehend from down here in Penzance, ah harrrrhhh!!

Get on your plank!!

wildering said...

make some badges john, we'll be like da hui