Thursday, 4 December 2008

Come back summer .. all is forgiven !

After moaning so much about how crappy our summer was for weather & waves I sure do miss it now as we dodge the snow & NE winds !!


Brooky said...

Hey Christiaan,
I wholeheartedly agree with you there but spare a thought for those of us that live 200 miles from our 'home' break. I get down to Saunton so rarely at the moment and then when I do get there it's either huge & blown out or flat, flat, flat! Now that's errrm.....disappointing, shall we say!

bellyboarduk said...

Brooky , Its John not Christiaan & although i live 5 mins from the beach 3 naughty dwarves stop me from getting in when its good ... seems the only way to get in on a regular basis is to be a grom again !!
Happy Xmas !

bellyboarduk said...

Hey John, it's like we're two sides of some peculiar ply phantom, lurking under the frothy lip of some innocent wave, just waiting to pounce on prone surfers for a comment and possibly some tea and cake.
Actually getting in the water is a bit of a problem for me right now as well, flat out trying to get together enough £'s in my offshore account to buy the island with the small but incredibly long waves.
Still mustn't grumble....
Ha, Ha, happy crimbo!!!