Sunday, 7 December 2008

Surf Art

Found this whilst trawling the tinternet , Good to see others enjoying not only the practical use of ply but revelling in their intrinsic beauty dead or alive .. Artist is Ben Cook .. could find a contact email but would be good to hear from him if he reads this ..


luna1 said...

Its beautiful in its simplicity...stunningly beautiful!

His other works are amazing too.

I found this contact for Ben:

The Mazet, Relubbus Lane, St. Hilary, Penzance TR20 9DS
Mobile 07973 337357
E mail


bellyboarduk said...

Thanks Kev , the simplicity is really beautiful !

Flying said...

Hi, I liked your blog a lot and I have added it on our page at

I'd really be happy if you had the courtesy to let me download your short film on Dot on our webpage as a post.

aloha from spain,

bellyboarduk said...

Hi florian. The Life of ply is on you tube
and I am happy for you to embed it on your site. Maybe i should create a Spanish language version?
Good to hear from you and thank-you for the kind words.
All the best, Christiaan.

Ivàn Osìo M. said...

And Happy New Year
From Canary Islands