Saturday, 16 August 2008

Pushing Ply (Part 1).

Hello to you all, please find a video of some bracing British summer surf, perfect for pushing the ply.


Squire Surfboards said...

OOh you bendy ply boys really do it for me !!
Way to go !!

luna1 said...

Fantastic video!

That's summer?? And I thought our summers (NZ) were crap!

Eef said...

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! This is the first time i see the classic UK bellyboards in action. Wow, these are some big waves. Great footage too! How can i embed the video on my website?



bellyboarduk said...

Hi eef, i'm not sure how you would embed the video onto your site, maybe just copy the link? Glad you enjoyed the video, hope to put some more material up soon, once we get a break in the storms that are battering the coast.

Chew TV said...


Loving the classic belly boarding...

Why not submit this video to Chew TV? I'd love to see it up there!