Friday, 8 August 2008

Dot (Part 2)

As i went for a slide today i was hassled by another surfer , not an overly eager grom nor a foamie toting holidaymaker but by a lady 81 yrs old .
I wasnt quick enough apparently & Dot was amped to get in the surf . Im stoked to report that the feeling never goes away & proud to have surfed with Dot .

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bellyboarduk said...

What a lovely lady to spend an afternoon with.
On exiting the water, Dot remarked, 'there was a lovely wave I wanted to catch, but a malibu rider got in the way'. She smiled after an otherwise successful and enjoyable outing. We then went up to Sally's house for tea, cake and surf talk.

I say...
Dang, it!
Those malibu riders, who will rid us of this terrible scourge!