Saturday, 4 June 2011

Time Flies !

I cant believe its been nearly 8 months since i last posted .. sorry , had to do a 9-5 job in the surf industry which sucked ! The majority of surf companies are only interested in making a buck , no longer surfers trying to finance their watertime but corporate monkeys using surfing as a parasitic platform to hawk their poorly made for a price in China surf tat !
& the best thing is ?
That traditional surfriding is overlooked as not profitable !
Thank god for that ....
Hope your thinly foiled bits o wood are being unnaturally bent in a shorebreak near you !


Traditional Surfing said...

great sentiments john and a lovely piccie. take a trip way down west and come play with us one day, wife makes lovely cakes, we're having fun riding, sharing and making our little bits of wood. gavin

wheaty said...

I couldn't agree more. A few greedy 'hippies' sold out the aloha spirit, turned wave riding into an aggressive teenage martial art and threw all the soul and beauty of the sport in the trash.