Sunday, 28 September 2008

Pawlonia Swallow

Sorry its been a while since the last post .. ive been in N Devon enjoying sunshine , no waves & brown water ! Scored a few gems though , nice early Riviera Speedboard & 60's Italian Swimfins .. will post pics soon xx
In the meantime .....


Eef said...

That looks like a very nice board! What are the dims?


Corduroy Surfboards said...

Eef , I will ask Christiaan to find out from Tom ..
All the best

bellyboarduk said...

Hi guy's. I think, it's not actually one of Tom's.
I believe it is either Jon Wegeners or a Joske (Valla Surfboards) Alaya.

It's very pretty and I think we would all like one very much.

I will ask Tom, who made it...
Post soon. Christiaan.

bellyboarduk said...

Hi all, Tom sent me this response,

Hi Christiaan,

Yes, that is one of mine.

You guys rip.


In addition he suggested that this was a prototype that did not work as well as the square tailed alaya, but I think it does look pretty!

So that uncovers the mystery, all the best,(and thanks Tom) Christiaan.

Thierry said...

That's a beautiful board !!!

What a pitty it doesn't work well.