Monday, 21 April 2008

Sorry for the silence ..

Sorry to have been away for so long . I was visiting North Devon under cover of a short family break ! I managed to airmat one evening much to the amusement of locals ! I was regarded with curiosity by the locals & then dropped in on !
Whilst visiting Braunton i happened upon that hirsute concertina player himself Mr Simon Skelton who insisted on showing me his new 7' Pink Cedar big wave bellyboard ! I have recorded the tweeded eccentric & his plywood treasures on film & may well post soon .
In the meantime I would just like to say "Whilst I have nothing against people trying to stand up on small wooden planks , this blog is all about bellyboarding PRONE on short bits of ply & not part of the current finless fad ..
& to show that im not against a bit of stand up heres a recent 'found in the attic' bit of UK surf history ...

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Eef said...

oooooh can we PLEASE see this bit of film? please?